Turtle secrets

Those turtles are very cute – but I suddenly felt very guilty for asking for a scan of the pattern when I am a strong believer in the rights of artists and crafts people to protect their work. So this morning – thanks to pointers in yesterday’s comments – I bought the Aranzi pattern book (and a few other cute things – hmm) from aranziaronzo.com. Yvonne also pointed out that it’s available from Amazon Japan.

And really, how could I resist? I think I got the last one in stock.

Officially today is the last day of June here in Australia which means the last day of “June Bug” submissions for A Month of Softies – though as you probably know I very rarely turn back late submissions. I hope you will stick with me and forgive me my tardiness when it comes to putting up the galleries and still take part next month. Tomorrow I will be announcing the new theme which I have just this second come up with and I am truly excited by this one so tune in tomorrow.