Going on a turtle hunt

I have a big favour to ask – I am proposing a swap because I am desperate for a pattern for some turtles – specifically these naughty little guys:

I am pretty sure they come from one of the Japanese craft books — I can even picture the other animals in the book but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the books and can’t find them online and it’s driving me bonkers! If you can scan or copy a pattern for me please email me. Pleeease.

** thanks Yvonne! Turtle has landed… 😀 **

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  1. jokano@gmail.com

    Shoot! I have that book. If you want any bunnies, dogs, pigs, or rabbits, let me know…would love to swap.

  2. climbgirl2003@yahoo.com

    Could I have the pattern too please?

  3. comments@whenitwas.com

    What is this book called? It would be great if it could be found online – sounds like there are some real cute projects in there!

  4. dirtygreenolive@hotmail.com

    Ditto! Ever since Franklin discovered the “Franklin the Turtle” books, he’s been in love with turtles.
    I’ve knit an emu from Suzette’s kind pattern but I don’t think knitting is my forte. I would rather do one of these!

    Can I get a copy as well?

  5. jokano@gmail.com

    Title is Iroiro Nuigurumi. ISBN=4-579-10978-3. List price is 1200 yen. C’mon people! Let’s support authors and not create a forum for copyright infringement.

  6. leetusdesigns@ozemail.com.au

    Oh Claire…when you make a turtle please post it for us to see. You always do the most amazing fabric combinations….I love to fantasise that I have the time to do those kind of things…I suppose I can add it to my list…

  7. patr1c1aru@yahoo.com

    I am sending you a link to a Japanese site with a turtle pattern.

    I work in a library with a large collection of vintage craft books. I have noticed many of the patterns in Japanese craft books are quite similar the vintage patterns. As an alternative to buying the Japanese book, you might want to seek our a few vintage books.

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