Soon soon soon

It is a most perfect cold and sunny Melbourne Winter day. Our small household is feeling extremely slow today after attending a good friend’s wedding in St Kilda yesterday and mock-meat vegan feast late into the night (I believe we stayed out until almost midnight!). It was a wedding full of much amazing love, warmth, humour and lighting effects. We took part in some hastily choreographed hora dancing which finished up in a kind of crazed wedding mosh with crushed toes and aching sides from laughing hard. There were long but thankfully hilarious speeches and seemingly hundreds of little kids fluttering, pushing and stampeding through adult legs in the semi-darkness. Amelia managed to avoid her arch enemies the “Pinchy Pirates” – who are a gang of small boys who I think she must have once seen at a house party pinching one another – so she too had a great time in her fairy wings, tutu, boots and all.
Now Amelia is off in slumber land after an intense lulla-bye session and P is making pizza dough so I am sitting here pondering the enormous amounts of stuff I need to do and really all I can muster up the energy to do is look through flickr and catch up on some blogs. Due to unavoidable wintery colds and flus I haven’t had a lot of time to do anything work-wise or craftwise lately and its frustrating me stupid. When I don’t have a chance to make anything or create anything or plan anything I start to get very antsy. By last Friday evening I was dragging my feet around making fish fingers (ugh gaaah!) for Amelia for dinner and feeling and acting like Queen Grumpypants of Grumpland. I had managed to mail out a lot of the prints but everything else has been put on a backburner and the list keeps growing. So this afternoon I am going to have a look at the Getting Things Done TiddlyWiki and start getting some things done. Then again, Amelia may sleep for an hour and I just bought the DVD box set of season one Arrested Development ($20! Score! thanks M for the tip-off) so I may just have to check that out and let my brain rest.

This week I will be working on two MEGA galleries for A Month of Softies. I am really sorry to everyone who is waiting patiently to see May’s gallery. I honestly just haven’t had a moment to put it together.