Photos aplenty

Today I am a bit all over the place so I am going to do an update which reflects that and throw a whole bunch of random photos at you:

I found these two tiny birds at Winterwood when I went up there last. They seem to be hand carved out of some kind of soft foam stuff and I just love the colours. Anyway, Winterwood is the place I get my 100% wool felt and although its not the cheapest stuff around, it’s definitely the most beautiful to work with – soft and fine and hardy.

A while ago I mentioned that I am making a dog’s breakfast out of my back-tack project contribution. Here you can see it in its unfinished state spread out on my ironing board.

Every time I look at it I feel disappointed and I am never inspired to pick it up and keep working on it. Plus I took the easy way out and did the very unsporting thing of hiding my assigned fabric inside the pockets as a lining. This is hardly in keeping with the spirit of the project. So back-tack attempt number one is heading for the never-to-be-finished box and I am starting out again with some fresh ideas and a more personal approach. Luckily I still have plenty of my assigned fabric to use in a far more positive manner. I realise that am leaving it a little late, especially as it also has to get to the recipient overseas, but I think I might ask if she wouldn’t mind waiting for an extra-special last minute effort.

And… here is a huge pear that I made Van for her birthday.

It’s sitting beside one of my other little (unfinished) pears as a point of comparison. In the background you can vaguely see Big-P sitting on the couch trying to get my online shop working… yes he looks stressed. Big-P is a hero. Here is an action figure I made of him a long time ago:

And lastly here are some super cute photos of my parents in the 60s: