Illo Friday – Digital

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could print out a new dress? Even if it was covered in pixels. See others!

27 Responses to “Illo Friday – Digital”


    I loove this idea! i would print an entire wardrobe! and never again would I have to see myself in a pair of ill-fitting pants (yuk that’s the worst).


    She looks like me! I mean I look like her! Only her skin is nicer and her hair is prettier! And only in my dreams would I have a dress like that in my closet. But really! My photo’s on my site! Now where can I get a printer like yours? :o)


    Is the “fabric” from the messed up picture from a while back? Lovely, though.


    Hi, your drawing is wonderful as always. I followed the link to see more of your stuff but I can’t find it? where is it?


    This is sublime! I couldn’t get any inspiration for this theme at all, but yours is clever and beautiful! And I especially like red hair 🙂

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