Pear jam

I am stitching like crazy, trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done for next week’s show. I want to have a few toys in the shop (possibly in the window) as well as the prints on the walls. I might be pushing for time though so I may just have to settle with an all-star pear line-up. We got all the final prints back from the printers on Monday and I am really pleased. It’s always exciting to get something back like this and for it to actually look just how I had hoped. A few of them are huge (about a metre high) and apart from feeling a little confronted seeing my characters practically leap off the page, that too is a buzz. Some will be for sale online late next week.

Tomorrow I am going out to get some more of that beautiful green hand dyed 100% wool felt that I love so much but which costs a bomb. For the little pears it’s totally worth it because I don’t need a whole lot and the colour is so delicate. Once I have the felt there will be pears for one and all.

The Softies gallery for last month is coming – slowly – it may be next week at this rate. I am pretty flat out so I am sorry for the wait. The first of the June Bugs have arrived and there is also the Back-Tack project (which I have to admit I am making a dog’s breakfast of) and also the new and inspiring Tie One On which is something I am going to pen in for July. So much to do! I really, really want to clone myself!