I finished Little Lamb on Wednesday afternoon. The man who came to install some blinds for us the week before last saw her sitting on the kitchen table in a semi-finished state and said “Oh! An E.T. doll!”. So I call her E.T. the Lamb and she is wearing her very flowery outfit for last month’s A Month of Softies’ theme.

I used Kaffe Fassett prints for both the dress and the inner ears, as I found them to be the brightest, most flowery option. The head and body are made out of the old velvet curtains from my studio which a friend of my mum’s said was very Scarlet O’Hara of me.

Now it’s back to those pears.

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  1. d-j@dodo.com.au

    She’s gorgeous. Is she for sale??? I love her shy, coy, but knowing she’s cute expression. I want her.

  2. effigy1111@hotmail.com

    I love E.T. Lamby… she is so so adorable. The fabrics are great and I love your use of old velvet drapes… who’d of thought it! How did you do the eyes? I love the look of them!

  3. louise@housewares.com.au

    so cute… I love Kaffe Fassett prints..

  4. mistic_ann@yahoo.com

    I’m charmed. She’s cute & lovely.

  5. cheeeeeeeelsea@hotmail.com

    i want i want i want. me me me.

  6. kerrie@magknits.com

    She looks gorgeous. Kaffe prints are great for flowery projects, second only to Amy Butler in my opinion… Can’t wait for the pears..

  7. wattlegirl@gmail.com

    oh – when i was growing up i had a piglet doll with red and white stripey legs just like that – so gorgeous.

  8. barbara.white@target.com

    WAY cuter than ET. Also, ET didn’t have ears, duh. What was that guy thinking? I think Emmy TuTu is adorable.

  9. reidfamily@pacific.net.au

    Scarlett O’Hara…yes, it took a while but it all came back to me. Alternatively, how very Von Trap family of you !! I love the Kaffe Fassett fabric. Have you seen the Lecien fabric range called Le Fleur? Retro and gorgeous. Just like your lamb.

  10. me@maxineblack.com

    She is absolutely gorgeous. i am going to make it my mission to buy one of your dolls! My daughter Emily, who is 21 months old would adore them – and so do I!

  11. kaywarner@hotmail.co.uk

    She’s lovely. I guess if you made her you can call her a lamb if you like! I like her mix and match prints, great with those stockings!

  12. cmggg_deco@yahoo.com

    Your flowery doll is just fantastic!!! also want to tell that your illustration are just awesome! thay look very alive and magical!just love it!

  13. cmggg_deco@yahoo.com

    forgot to tell you that i’m very curious about the results of the 2month of softies2 flower May!!! love from portugal. Clara

  14. millenniumhippies@gmail.com

    oh, the ears…the ears…i love love love the ears!!! i just called my 3yo daughter over to show her how cute it is and she said, “someday can we get that?” 🙂 it’s just darling!

  15. jessica@seedpodbooksandart.com

    It makes me smile to come to your blog and see a new creation –illustration or softy. What does E.T. stand for in this case? Maybe “Ewe Terrific?” No, it needs a better T word. Anyway, good job 🙂

  16. theartbook@gmail.com

    Any suggestions on how to get started on my own little softies? I would love to contribute but have no idea where to start or what book to look at so I know what I’m doing. HELP. Love your work and all your cool stuff.

  17. me@maesweb.nl

    She is adorable with her cute little nose and shy look, but ofcourse she is because all your creations are!! I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics they are so colorfull.

  18. CirrusSkie@comcast.net

    I used my prize winnings from Blingo (linked as my URL) to buy an ET doll and everyone made fun of me! Why can’t people love ET as I do….sigh. Anyhow, I think its an adorable lamb and I love the flowers.

  19. paige@earthlink.net

    How ever do you do all this?! Write, illustrate, craft and raise a squealing little girl!??! you do it all brilliantly, me thinks.

  20. ninth.muse@gmail.com

    Aww… she is so adorable. She deserves to be immortalized as a character. You should illustrate her! hehe.
    Your site is lovely and you inspire me to make little creatures of my own using the little sewing knowledge I have 🙂

  21. ask_anke@hotmail.com

    Very cute and colorful! For some reason I especially love her cute nose!
    Isn’t Kaffee Fasset the best? I ordered the greenish fabric a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait for it to arrive…

  22. anja_louise@hotmail.com

    The little flower buttons are adorable!

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