June’s A Month of Softies Theme

Happy Winter (for all those in my part of the world).
Winter weather has been creeping up on us this last week and a bit so the actual onset of official winter is not so startling. Just cold.

May’s Month of Softies gallery will be up soon I hope. Please send me in your contribution if you are still stitching away. I am… Hopefully the little lamb’s flowery dress will be finished today.

This month’s theme is “June Bug“. I realise that strictly speaking a June Bug looks like this but the idea for the month is, as usual, not that specific. My idea is that the softie should be some kind of insect and should be made in the month of June. Other than the usual rule that it needs to be a craft piece (soft or otherwise – as opposed to an illustration or painting) anything goes.

I am tempted to make a family of stick insects based on the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Family which is growing at a rate of knots. I read to Big-P from the Friends of The Zoo magazine yesterday that the family they have in captivity is now up to it’s second generation!