Burnt Soup Story

Well – that big pot of stock became soup this evening and was sitting on the stove simmering while I read Amelia some stories and, thanks to still being a bit of a novice with electric cooking, a huge amount of pasta stuck to the bottom of the pot and burnt. The house is full of that evil burnt food smell. Big-P has just gone out to pick up two small pizzas. What a waste of stock! What a sad shame. It smelt so good just twenty minutes ago. I called my mum to moan about it and she said in all her wisdom “Ahh, life is full of burnt soup stories.”.
Thursday all of my files go off to the printers for proofing and then for final printing in time for my show. The show starts on June 16th at Hudson Clothes, 229 Carlisle St
Balaclava and goes for four or five weeks. I will definitely have all the work up online for viewing and sale shortly after the 16th. I thought I would feed you a small tickler:

click image for a larger view.