Clairey had a little lamb

The stock is bubbling on the stove.
I have some new shoes on my feet (a once a year event!).

I am excited because tonight is the first episode of the new Doctor Who.

Right now Amelia is having a nap (or at least she is lying very very quietly listening to her CD of the beautifully spoken Kate Winslet reading “The Folk of the Faraway Tree” – thanks to Lucinda for the idea!) so I have a little bit of time to work a little bit more in my studio…

I spent a little time yesterday on my lamb for Month of Softies. I think her eyes are a little high for it to be an exact match to my sketch… and the mouth and nose are a little big… but I think it still has some of the original character…

I wish I was being a bit more prolific with my sewing at the moment. I have such a huge pile of pears cut out and ready to sew, but there are a few other things going on. I got the proofs back for the prints for my show and I am blown away by how amazing these prints are. I am used to print outs being a bit of a compromise but these are exact replicas of what I see on my screen. I can’t wait to see how they look printed out at actual size.

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    please please please, when your show is over, post pics of your art online so we can all marvel.


    Oooh, thanks for the the Folk of the Faraway Tree cd thought, hopefully I can find it for my son who would spend an hour playing his Gameboy, if I let him.
    When I was teaching I would give my kids a ball of clay to sculp with while they were listening to a story on cd.


    I’m so excited for you for your show! I do hope you’ll chronical the event. And good luck with the rest of the preparations!


    I can’t wait to see the new doctor who!
    Oh and I finally made it out to patchwork on central park as per your reccomendation, so fantyastic, so bad for my budget! Anyway I’m off to make some blythe clothes!


    Hoorah for Dr Who !, we’re on episode six in the u.k and it’s been consistantly BRILLIANT!!


    Oskar and I built a Tardis today along with a shoe box k9 so we’re all ready for tonight’s Dr Who.
    Does Phil have any idea who Dr Who is? Maybe he can sit down to watch some Beachcomers instead?


    I love the folks of the faraway tree, that was one of my favourites when I was small. Brooke is now upstairs either laying down and listening to her nursery rhyme CD or having a nap – I don’t really mind which..


    That lamby head looks so soft and cuddly! Can’t wait to see your prints–we will see them won’t we?BTW, you may like my post for today so make sure you head on over to the Rock…


    a NEW Dr. Who???!!!!??? WHat the….really?!? NEW?will it be in America?


    the new doctor who is excellent – don’t you think? I love that actor, he was in the recent show about the return of christ – did you see that on ABC?


    The new Doctor Who is absolutely terrible!!
    I hope you aren’t too disappointed by it. One episode was painful enough for me!


    ditto, where did you get the faraway tree cd? this sounds great!


    Yes..where did you get that CD??? I LOVE that Enid Blyton series and have the books for when my babies are old enough. But a CD would be great. Please can we see your artwork once your exhibition is done. Us Sydney siders would appreciate it. And due to the responses I think you could easily give it all up and be the “pear lady”. You could sell a tonne of the things!!!
    PS put me down for three..hehe


    I got both the Folk of the Faraway Tree and The Magic Faraway Tree CDs at the ABC shop – they were quite expensive though – about $40 – $50 each. There are four cds in each box set. Amelia loves them!


    I had no idea that Kate Winslet read The Folk in the Faraway Tree. That was one of my favorite stories when I was little, I’ll have to see if I can track that down, now. 🙂
    I hope your show goes well!

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