Clairey had a little lamb

The stock is bubbling on the stove.
I have some new shoes on my feet (a once a year event!).

I am excited because tonight is the first episode of the new Doctor Who.

Right now Amelia is having a nap (or at least she is lying very very quietly listening to her CD of the beautifully spoken Kate Winslet reading “The Folk of the Faraway Tree” – thanks to Lucinda for the idea!) so I have a little bit of time to work a little bit more in my studio…

I spent a little time yesterday on my lamb for Month of Softies. I think her eyes are a little high for it to be an exact match to my sketch… and the mouth and nose are a little big… but I think it still has some of the original character…

I wish I was being a bit more prolific with my sewing at the moment. I have such a huge pile of pears cut out and ready to sew, but there are a few other things going on. I got the proofs back for the prints for my show and I am blown away by how amazing these prints are. I am used to print outs being a bit of a compromise but these are exact replicas of what I see on my screen. I can’t wait to see how they look printed out at actual size.