Aprils MOS

Finally! April’s Month of Softies gallery is up! 2 pages of monster goodness. A really great month with really fabulous and inventive recycled monsters from everyone. I apologise for taking so long in putting up the thumbnails. I am sure you will agree that it was worth the wait. Thank you for taking part again. And, as in all other months, please let me know if I have left your submission out, or made a mistake in your listing. Also – the theme and some tips for May are up on the first page.
** Update: because I changed from outlook to gmail halfway through the month — I have missed a bunch of submissions… oh dear. Why is this always such a mess? Perhaps if you don’t see your softie here email me anyway, but in the mean time I will work on getting the lost ones up — sorry!**

11 Responses to “Aprils MOS”

  1. clairegee@optusnet.com.au

    Hi Claire,
    The link for the second page of the april MOS actually takes you to the second page of the march collection 🙂

  2. mokistar@aol.com

    Thanks again Claire for your month of sofites, especially when you’re right in the middle of moving into your house!

  3. leopardtuxedo@yahoo.com

    Thank your dad for the joke. Gave this descendant a chuckle.

  4. wifeofchimp@yahoo.ca

    I have to confess, I am addicted in the best of ways to the month of softies. Thanks so much for all the hard work, your website is a huge slice of happiness to me.

  5. widescreen@shaw.ca

    What a fantastic gallery! Congratulations to all; what a lot of fun to look through, and what great new blogs to discover. Heartfelt thanks, Claire!

  6. wataame@earthlink.net

    Thank you for all the work you did posting the photos and notes. I am inspired to enter May flowers, and indeed my entry may turn out looking more like a ship, albeit not intentionally!!

  7. tsai_fi@yahoo.com

    Claire- Oh the softies are so cute as always..I love seeing all of the different ideas that everyone comes up with but I think my April submission is one of the little lost demons, she is MIA

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