Illustration Friday – Mischief

Here’s a long overdue contribution to Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is mischief which brought to mind an event from my early childhood — while I didn’t realise I was being mischievous at the time, there’s really no other word from it from a parent’s point of view.

The year was c. 1977. My best friend in the world was the little boy down the street named Dan. He was my sun and my moon, my east and my west. Most importantly he was my Luke Skywalker. He had long flowing 1970s blonde hair while I had super short, brunette, home cut hair. There was often confusion from strangers as to who was Claire and who was Dan. Anyway – one sunny morning while Dan was playing at our place and my Mum was on the phone, I decided it was a good time to play hair salon. And I did such a beautiful job of cutting his lovely tresses. I can still very clearly remember four things about the event – one is the little chair that he sat on while I cut his hair, the second is my mother’s expression while still on the phone when I brought Dan out to show off his new do, and a third is his father’s expression when he came to pick him up shortly afterwards. But the thing that really stayed with me was the feeling of absolute pride I had in creating such a wonderful haircut.

An update to yesterday. The file was lost and gone forever, but fortunately I found an early example of it (not saved in layers so essentially useless) but I was able to redo it very quickly with this as a guide. Phew! Thanks for the support! Much left over sticky-toffee pudding was consumed.