It’s awfully quiet here. Amelia has gone off to spend the morning at my Mum’s house leaving me here to try desperately to retrieve a corrupted image for my show (oh woe! It seems it is very bad luck to call an image lost.psd).
Let me tell you what happened last night after 9pm. We watched a little of the Happy Days 30th Reunion Show full of funny gags, bloopers and practical jokes (you know, The Fonze with a cream pie in his face etc. yuk yuk). Shortly after the bloopers segment Big-P got off the beanbag we were both slothing in causing me to tumble and fall on to the carpet (thank goodness we didn’t pull up the carpet in the sitting room) with my legs waving madly in the air. Yuk yuk.

Shortly after this we went to clean up the kitchen and I started to transfer some good eggs from a carton containing a couple of broken stuck eggs into a clean empty carton. In some strange twisting act of clumsiness the carton spun around in my hands tossing the last two good eggs into the air and then all over the kitchen floor. Yuk yuk.

Shortly after this I came into the studio to shut down my computer and save my image that I spent the last few days working on (lost.psd) only to somehow corrupt the file so that now it looks like this:

It’s quite pretty really, like a woven rug, but not quite the image I was trying to get. Not so many yuks this time.

Shortly after that I stood morosely at the kitchen sink and started to fill a hot water bottle only to accidentally flick the opening towards myself spilling a great gushing flood of hot water down my last clean warm pajama top. No yuks, none at all. Mostly just self-pitying sniveling.