Night flowers

Today I spent time working on my last piece for my exhibition which will be hanging from around the 16th of June onwards for a few weeks. Address and exact dates will follow soon. I am doing eight illustrations of which I am getting 10 prints made of each. They will be all be bigger than anything I have had printed out before – The smallest is about 45cm wide and 60cm high while the two biggest are about a metre high. These are all based on the theme of “The Midnight Picnic” and are dark and forresty and full of fireflies and glowing lanterns. I am also going to make some toys to match; little folks rugged up for a midnight picnic, carrying picnic baskets and fearful expressions.

I will be selling some of these limited edition prints online so stay tuned for further details.

Also, the gallery for last month’s Month of Softies is coming along. I am sorry for the wait. Life has been busy. I have had a few emails asking what this month’s theme is so I will just quickly remind you that it’s “May Flowers“. Fun!