Calling all contributors to A Month of Softies…

Due to a bizarre (and frankly, a very very exciting) situation where the National Library of Australia has requested to archive in their databases because it is an “electronic publication… of lasting cultural value” I must seek your permission as a contributor to allow your work to be archived along with it in the Month of Softies gallery. Because there is no easier way to do this, please email me ASAP if you would prefer your work not to be archived and I will make sure that it is taken out of the gallery for future archiving.

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    O yep – can easily see why and how that has happened – congratulations and well done to everyone and a big thank you to Claire for making it possible!


    Congratulation, and I wish that the “softies” continue a long time! it is so pleasant to think of this project.


    Gooo Loobylu! It’s not easy to get on Pandora – they are very selective! πŸ˜‰ Congrats!


    Soooooooooo exciting*Well Done Wonder* I haven’t managed to get ANY softies done yet but if I did you would be free to include me*
    Hope to see you soon and hear all about your house tales


    Hey Claire, that’s fantastic! Congratulations. I am really pleased for you, and also more generally since recognition like this helps reinforce the value of the kind of blogging that you have been doing so generously and well all this time. I sometimes get a bit despondent at the amount of nonsense attention paid to the male poli-bloggers like Tim Blair, while people like you are seldom acknowledged as making influential contributions to public life. So it’s really excellent news!
    Be sure and let us know how it goes with the allen key, too…..


    that is wonderful! it’s good to hear they are figuring out how to recognize people who are blogging in a lasting way! i have always thought that if we got a bunch of librarians together they would save the world! congratulations. mav


    Wow, this is really exciting! If there is anyone out there in the blogworld who deserves this, it’s you Claire. Fantastic!


    Could your life get any more adorable and interesting? That’s exciting news indeed. So all those softies are going to be archived forever! Including the self-portrait softie by Adam (is that his name?) that’s an adorable little monster! Sooooo special, Claire!


    Amazing! What a proud moment.

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