Big-P is sick – when he gets sick he doesn’t do it in halves. Amelia and I went out this morning so that he could sleep and cough and splutter in peace. We joined my Mum, Dad, Uncle Michael and my Parent’s neighbour for coffee followed by a whiz around the market. I spent ages last night sitting in front of Clueless (how I love that movie! “Oops! My bad!”) going through (Webby Winner) Jamie Oliver cookbooks working out some yummy things to cook this week, and then of course left the list at home this morning in the rush to get out the door.
But I did remember that I wanted to cook roast fillet of beef wrapped in porcini mushrooms and prociutto so I managed to remember most of the ingredients for that. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to cooking meat. I did all of my cooking confidence building in huge student houses way-back-when which means I can successfully wrangle a tofu stir-fry, cook enormous amounts of chickpea casserole to feed 10 and steam almost perfect rice (getting rid of our rice cooker was the best thing I ever did) but show me a cut of meat and I will hide under the nearest bed. Last weekend my Sister-In-Law accompanied me around the market and convinced me to give roasting a try. She said all the right things including “The idea of cooking chickpea casserole gives me the shivers” thus making me feel like a Iron Chef in my own field. She told me to try this fail-safe Jamie recipe and so tomorrow night for our newly instigated Sunday Night Family Dinner (which can only happen on Sundays as Big-P gets home too late to join Amelia for dinner during the week – and Saturday night is reserved for Daddy’s Pizza and a Video Night) I will show that beef fillet who’s boss. Wish me luck! I am seriously terrified.