Baa baa

It’s not the right season to be thinking about Springy things here in Australia. It’s the middle of Autumn (our house is so cold!) and leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and orange all around this leafy suburb but I am plotting and planning a little lamb with a dress covered in flowers for this month’s Month of Softies. And yes, I think I am using the cat pattern again – with different ears.

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    I am so in love with those curtains too! I wish I had my own house to decorate instead of living in rental accomodation, where it isn’t worth spending the money on decs… grumble, grumble!


    You’re website and designs and the way you express yourself … all so sweet and adorable. Somewhere a while back you mentioned that you might not be the best website designer (or something along those lines), but that you can “sew a mean pear!” When I think about that, I can’t stop giggling. You’re such a delight. I’m glad I found your blog. Maybe someday I’ll submit a softie! :o)


    this is adorable!! do you know where I can find out what the May Month of Softies theme is? i checked out the website but it only had the latest march/april info.


    what an adorable little lamb. love the eyes. the other commenters are right – you have a wonderful way of expression – even your writing has an australian accent – it’s adorable!


    What a cute illustration Claire! I am really looking forward to May Flowers, cause I am a ‘May baby’ and the official flower for May (I believe) is the Lily of the Valley … pretty 🙂


    About rentals, I’ve never owned my own home. And I probably won’t for a good long while. So why not turn your rental into a comfy home? Paint isn’t expensive, if you’re allowed to paint. When I move into a new rental, I always do the following (as I’m able to afford it): Replace the toilet seat with a crisp white new one that has metal hinges (sounds silly, but boy does it make a difference); replace all light switch plates with something non-generic (my current ones have angels and hearts in relief and were bought at a huge discount); replace kitchen cabinet handles; place potted flowers outside the front door; hang colorful curtains that I custom make from pretty sheets; and constantly humidify the air with lavendar oil and water on the stove! We renters deserve comfy homes! If you’re not allowed to paint walls, then handbuild a large frame from tree branches, stretch a square yard or two of canvas (very inexpensive) using grommets and string, and paint a swirl of bright cheery colors. Hang where ever you can use some cheering up! My latest project: Building a telephone table and altar from rescued old (nicely weathered) wood I found recently. Tools: Handsaw, some nails, measuring tape, and that’s it!!! Cheers! :o)


    🙂 Oooh! I love your little lamb! It is spring here in my corner of the USA so I can just see it frolicking!
    When you said you were going to use the cat pattern I said “Squee!” I have Noey and maybe she needs a friend!! 🙂

    Have fun making her!

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