We’re here – we’re in. I breath a sigh of relief. I have been quite ill with nasty gastro (I am sure the ambulance outside the house on our second morning must have thrilled our new neighbours) but am better now if not a little weak. The house is beautiful, messy and crazy all at once. I wish I could find the camera in one of these one thousand boxes to take a photo of our bedroom wall. The colour glows.
In far more exciting news – my dear friend Van has been nominated for a Palme d’Or for her short animation “Clara”. Hooray hooray! It’s a buzz to see her name on the same page as some of those people — she is excited needless to say and I am so happy for her. She sent me perhaps the best cancellation excuse ever “…So I’m going to Cannes – and it’s 11 – 22 May so I won’t be coming to Melbourne then after all…”. This time I will forgive her!