For the birds

The Month of Softies gallery for March is now up for your enjoyment. Once again, if I have messed up your entry, spelt your name incorrectly or missed you out completely. please let me know and I will change it as soon as possible.
Mum, Amelia and I had an exhausting trip to IKEA this morning. Mum bought Amelia a beautiful cushion for her new room. She has a little corner in the sitting room here which she calls her “book-nook” – a place to take her books and read them hidden behind a chair. We are going to make her a book-nook in her room when we move and this cushion is a good start. I found some curtains that I really loved – a kind of muslin, cheese cloth fabric with little red flowers roughly screen printed on to it. They were $65 for the pair which I thought was way too steep so we walked away. But I did that thing of panicking half way towards the exit – what if I might regret it? What if they really are as lovely as I thought they were? So I dashed back to see if they had any in stock, only to find that they had been discontinued and the ones hanging were the last pair in existence. I was lucky enough to pick them up (already hemmed) for $10! Whee! They will look pretty in our room which has a bright crazy aqua feature wall, which goes by the lovely name Bird Haven.