Big-P just rang to inform me that Loobylu has won a 2005 Bloggie for Best Designed Weblog. I am totally dumbstruck – Totally! While I will acknowledge that I can do a cute drawing from time-to-time and sew a mean pear – best design? Best design? My fellow nominees are Karen, Jason, Brooke and Shaun so you can see why I feel a bit undeserving right now. Trust me, this is no false modesty — Errr…. Thank you if you voted for me – I really appreciate it. Wow! Just don’t look at my source code, as daniel will back me up, it’s ugly in there.
Also, hearty congratulations to some of my favourites Shauny (hooray!), Heather (how many awards can one girl win??), Tom, Boing Boing and Rannie!