Monday sketch

Hot holiday Monday. Hurry up Autumn, I can’t stand this weather.

Here is Amelia at today’s Playschool Live Show, shortly before she stopped being shy and rocked out.

17 Responses to “Monday sketch”


    That is the cutest drawing. EVER. What a cutie pie! There’s a great, loose style here with this sketch, similar to an animator’s drawing. Excellent work, Claire.


    That’s a beautiful sketch–how lucky she is to have you as a Mama to capture those moments for her.
    And yes–enjoy your heat! We just got another foot of snow yesterday…I’m begging for spring! 😉


    Hi: I found you through weewonderful and love all the great things you are doing. If your pear pin cushions are really for sale I would love a couple. Please let me know. thanks,


    Great sketch of the little one. We are impatiently waiting for spring here in Canada…please send some warm air our way.

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