Too tired to do an entry tonight. Today we did a final inspection of our new house and a week today all the scary legal and financial transactions take place. Perhaps I am stressed, perhaps I am just hungy and need some dinner, but never-the-less, I will leave you with this illustration which I did ages ago of the three of us looking at paint samples. Oooh decisions! More links and stuff tomorrow.

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    hehe. i love your work and i will continue to. it is so great.
    going through the stressful stuff of buying a house will throw you a little bit but it’s worth it. have to keep looking at the big picture.

    good luck, it’s going to be great!


    claire~this is just the cutest illo ever! what a sweet family! and look at that sea of a carpet of samples! maybe you could draw some from a hat…just kidding!


    cute illustration! I love all the patterns and textures you use in your work. good luck with all your new house stuff, that can be stressful, but its worth it!!


    Good luck!Hang in there because your new home will be a beautiful creative endeavor like your softies!


    Adorable drawing, even if it is a stressful time 🙂 Oh, and painting the new place *before* you move in, especially with a little one underfoot, has got to be so much easier. We didn’t start painting until after…and are we ever regretting it now. Five years in the house and we’re still not finished with it. Sigh.


    Oooh…a new house!!! That was us a year ago! I must have researched “color” for 3 months! Have you seen the bok “Choosing Colors” by Kevin McCloud? That book helped me out so much – lots of info on historical colors, colors which look good in certain climates, etc. Good luck!


    I’m having my closing in exactly a week, too. I know how you feel. Hope everything works out. And look! I’m the first person to leave a comment!


    I have repainted my house about three times. picking paint is the worst and the best, if you know what I mean. every issue of martha or mary e. or country living had me off in a new direction…and there are just too many to choose from!!


    Brilliant illustration! Congrats on the new house. We moved into ours in December and are still painting…. or… thinking about painting…. or…. where on earth did that can of paint get to now?!? More fun!


    ooo.. I love the illustration u made. especially the texture of the clothes….
    ya.. choosing paint colour is the WORST. and once u pick a colour, painting it is a real drag. anyway.. it took my family such a loong time to pick the main floor colours, we just called up an interior designer. he gave us a few samples and we picked it from there. =)


    Did you see the Green Guide yesterday? A nice little name-check for Loobylu. Picking paint colours solely on their outrageous names is always an option.


    So lovely, so tender, so sweet, so cozy, delicious….hmm…feel so good in here….even livingo so far away…I¥m brazilian, as Mariana Massarani, who I met through you….thanks for spread sweetness…thanks a lot.

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