Mr Palepants

Thank you Camilla! Mr Palepants is a huge hit here. He is truly one of the sweetest little things I have ever seen. Mr Palepants came to me in a trade I did for little Fran. It’s amazing to think that I put Fran in the post on Thursday last week and she arrived in Sweden yesterday. Here is a snap of Mr Palepants enjoying the last of the Australian Summer, quite a novelty for him I imagine.

And continuing from yesterday when I highlighted five of my oft-visited websites, here are five more:

Meggiecat: Meggiecat posts interesting online finds on an almost daily basis – curious clip art, printable projects and other curios from the websphere.

Mariana Massarani: obviously this site is not in a language that I can readily understand but it doesn’t matter one bit. The energy, the whimsy, the Quentin Blakeness and the colour in Mariana’s illustrations are enough. I think she may be learning to surf… yey Mariana! She reminds me that I would like to start illustrating my daily tales again.

In Love with the Stars: Like Frecklewonder from yesterday’s post, I love to read the behind the scenes journals of people who make and sell their own craft work. Teresa’s softies have always been a favourite of mine and it’s nice to take a peek at prototypes, new releases and her other crafty exploits on her livejournal.

Invisible Shoebox: I like mcb; I like her tone, I like the things she finds (particularly lately Frolicsome Flowers! What a great site – I am going to have to use these for some softies inspiration) and the way she muses about life, art, animation and blogs.

I like food, bye: Because I am still a little hooked on Blythe dolls, I have to throw in this daily visit. Melissa’s livejournal is always full of exquisite photographs of her Blythes who sport the best and the latest in dolly fashion and live in the most beautifully decked our rooms. Also, her sewing adventures are amazing.