Sharing the love

I am getting a bit lax with my blog entries lately but my excuse is that very alarmingly over the last two days Amelia didn’t take her afternoon nap. Oh my GOODNESS I thought my world was going to crumble. Luckily it’s 1.18pm and she is fast asleep so we resume normal broadcast.
This morning there was cause for much celebration as my big order from Reprodepot Fabrics arrived. What an exciting parcel it was! I love the munki munki stuff – some of it is much heavier that I was expecting but will be really ideal for bags and cushions. Thank you so much Djerba – if anyone is wondering what Reprodepot’s customer service is like, I give it a big sparkling five stars.

Every day I check a huge amount of blogs – mostly crafty folks doing crafty things, or illustration people doing illustration things but also mums, and friends and folks who are funny and as I don’t have a blog roll at the moment I thought I would do a daily link list. These will be in no particular order but I will do five a day for as long as it takes me to get through them. Here goes:

Rainbowcake: Sweet droplets of life. Sometimes sad, sometimes joyful and always touching. Another Melbourne Mum who makes me feel like motherhood could perhaps be best captured in poetry.

Tirade: I started reading this blog because I thought it was interesting to get a little peek into the life of someone who works at Pixar, one of my dream jobs. It didn’t take me long to start enjoying Ronnie’s blog just for being able to share in his sheer enthusiam for illustration, illustrators and animators and self-publishing.

Angry Chicken: I may not be the first person to link to Amy’s blog in the last couple of weeks, but she is one of my new daily joys so if you haven’t bookmarked her already then you should now!

Waferbaby: Daniel’s baby recently turned 10. I didn’t get to send him blogiversary wishes on time, so I will share them here. Happy 10th Daniel! You have been a good online and offline pal – thank you. Here’s to another 10 years of pumping out waferbaby goodness. The web would be a sad place without the wafer corner.

Frecklewonder: I love reading Jenny’s journal. She runs her online shop Frecklewonder with such energy and passion that she is truly a rolemodel for DIY crafters everywhere. Great photos too. (Erin, Kylie and Miri: this is one of the sites I mentioned on the weekend.)

More tomorrow! Bye now.