Colour my world

Big P, Amelia and I went out to Bunnings this morning to pick up some paint chips and paint brochures ready to start planning our new house decor. Big-P chose about a hundred shades of off white and a few beiges, I kept being drawn to apple greens, gentle sea blues and citrusy oranges while Amelia chose black, red and a kind of deep grapey purple. How will we ever reach a compromise?
I have started working on my self portrait doll. She’s pretty big, about 45cm (around 18 inches) high and made from a thick 100% wool felt that I ordered from a local supplier. I chose “B” grade thinking it might have some interesting flecks though it and indeed it does, perhaps a little too interesting. As my friend Van said when she saw it, “it looks like it’s been felted by naked hairy men”. Sure enough it has the occasional wiry black hair embedded in it and even worse it has some odd brown smeary bits. Eww. I was very disheartened when I first saw it but after pulling out all of the hairy bits and avoiding the dirty bits, it’s really good stuff. Soft, pliable, strong and it does look really interesting when stitched up as a doll.