March madness

Did you know March is my very favourite month? It is the beginning of my favourite season and the month of my birthday and this March we get our new house which just adds to the joy.
In less than four hours my cats on ebay will all be promised to new owners. I love the end of auctions – the high drama of it all, the last few seconds of hitting refresh to see how the bids may (or may not) fly… unless no one does last minute bidding and then I just feel like Martin Scorsese must have felt last night.

And now for the news you have been waiting for. March’s A Month of Softies theme is a tricky one this month. You will either love it or hate it, but I encourage you to throw yourself into it and come up with your best softy yet. The theme is “Self-portrait of the artist as a young child“. Obviously it lends itself to doll making, but as usual it’s open to your interpretation and if doll making isn’t your thing then perhaps you could take a more creative approach such as “I was such a little monster when I was six” type of thing. Anything goes. I will be posting some doll making resources in the next few days.

February’s Month of Softies gallery is still in the works so if you are afraid you have missed out then please try to send them in the next day. I will close the submissions as soon as I have finished the gallery.

18 Responses to “March madness”


    Ooooo… I like it! Hopefully I’ll have my sewing machine up and running in time.


    Any news on the little prickly pears? Are they going to be for sale? Love them lots.


    I love it! In fact, every new theme you come up with I like a little bit more, and gets me closer and closer to learning to sew and actually participating.


    Oooh, that’s a tricky one. Where do you get the ideas for these themes from? I’m looking forward to seeing all of the Alice in Wonderland toys soon.


    I love March! My birthday is also in March, the 29th. Plus I’m in America so March also means SPRING! I love spring everything turns green and flowers appear and my backyard smells of peony, rose, and lilac, Beautiful. Yea March!


    good one – james joyce.

    I’m seeing little irish catholic figures with jaunty caps!

    (or in my case, little canadian catholic figure with tangled hair)


    This month I have to pass because I didn’t grew up with the Alice in Wonderland story and didn’t have the time to read it. So I didn’t have any inspiration for making something. But the march-theme absolutely inspires me!

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