Pear Factory 7pm

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    i love their eyes! where are all the pears going?


    where do you find the time???? my hat goes off to you…(if I had one…..) 🙂


    Have you found a pear tree in your back garden?They are lovely!


    Will you be selling those as well ? They’re so lovely !


    The pears go marching one by one, hurrah, hurray!


    are you selling them somewhere? they are adorable! I wish I lived on your side of the world…


    Oh! They’re lovely!!! Do you use the same pattern that Hillary uses to make the “wee”?They’re realy realy beautiful!
    (And sorry for my terrible english…)


    all lined up like that, they look a bit threatening- like a serious pear attack force. But I don’t think anyone would object to an invasion by these guys! So delicious!


    Will you be posting any of the pears on ebay? They’re so wonderful!


    The field of freshly picked pears gazed up in horror as the grating tones of Veruca Salt pleaded, “Daddy, I want a prickly pear! I want a prickly pear NOW!”


    those are soooooo cute. they look a little scared of being eaten up.


    How could a huge fan of your work obtain one of these lovelies?


    So cute!! Everyone would want one of those on their sewing tables. Especially since you hand crafted them!! Wonderful.


    Are a few of them going to be available on ebay as well? My daughter loves them!


    OOh, I smell the sweetness of the pears. I’ll make a “nevadita”, made with marshmellows, cream cheese, and of course..the perfects’loobylu pears. Love their expressions.


    What I like (as well as the looks) is that they are pincushions made out of felt. Traditionaly pin cushion ‘booklets’ were made out of wool flannel because pins won’t rust in flannel. I make my pincushions from felt because of that theory. Haven’t had any rust yet. (touch wood.)


    Oh for goodness sake’s Claire. Just bloody open a little craft/goodies store, making and selling your gorgeous little creations and be done with it! How frustrating it is to view and want these marvelous pieces of yours showcased ONLINE and not actually just pick one of the shelf and buy it! ARGH


    Their pearfect! Brings veggi-tales to new heights!


    Very Pear-licious! Are they to be sold?


    Every time I look at your site I feel several things.1) how much more talented can a person get?
    2) i wish I was that multi talented.
    3) everything is so freakin cute!
    I just showed my friend and she wants one. When are they going to be for sale?
    keep it up to give us all inspiration.

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