Only minutes away from total collapse

Peaceful Friday night.
I have just tried writing about my week which has been a pretty tiring, trying kind of week but I am too exhausted to really go into anything much. Fortunately today was a lovely day full of fun and laughing and cuddles and the bits that make being a mum totally worthwhile. I really needed a day like today. I even got a chance to print gocco some swing tags while Amelia slept.

I am going to put my little cats up on ebay next week as it doesn’t seem to make any sense to start a 7 day auction on a weekend. A few of them will not be put up for sale as they have already been promised but the ones that will be listed (plus another little red faced girl who is not quite finished yet) are Lola, Milly, Noey (one of Amelia’s make-up names), Charlotte and Molly.

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    I’ll have you know that one of my sister’s triplets is named Noah, but goes by Noey, so Miss Amelia J did not make it up, she’s just psychic!


    They’re all beautifull, but Charlotte is the best!!! Wonderfull!!!


    I hope I get one! They are so gorgeous. I think the one called “Noey” should be mine. It’s my nick name 🙂


    Yesterday when I looked at the picture of the kitten dolls I liked the one in the red dress. Today I find out her name is Charlotte; my daughters name is Charlotte.


    Claire, just wondering if all the ones you’ll be selling have buttons on their dresses? Thinking of bidding on one for my baby – not that I *won’t* bid if they do have buttons, it would just make the difference between a display doll and a playing doll. Although with a Loobylu collectible, she might have to be a display doll anyway!


    I love the kitties! I made a design for the vintage kitty Month of Softies, but I never found time to sew him. You’ve inspired me to finish what I started. I’ve also sewn a pretty little wool felt doll, inspired by your Softies projects. Your kitties are gorgeous.


    I love, love, lOvE them!btw, I was told it is best to post on eBay on the weekend so you get two weekends for people to bid as the weekends are when folks have the most time to peruse eBay.


    Claire, so glad you’ve had a nice mum day … things have been really fun and smiley and peaceful around here, too, for the last few days and you’re right it makes it all worthwhile and makes the rougher patches more bearable. Excited about the kitties … but may be a spectator of the great auction, judging by the love I see in these comments! $$$!


    I’m glad Amelia makes up usable names like “Noey”. Zac’s made up names tend to be something like “Denga deng ding ding … dentden den” which wouldn’t work so well on Ebay!

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