Cat Happiness

I have finished all but two of the cat dolls. I still have to finish off a dress for one of the little red faced ones, and sew the buttons on Amelia’s but then it’s over! I will be putting some of them up on ebay in a few days. If you haven’t already, you can send an empty email to my toy release mailing list for notification.

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    I am sorry to make two comments in a row – how disorganized of me…but I wanted to say how cozy and visually satisfying it was to pop in and see your blog with your art and your cat dolls all at once – almost overwhelming and rich like the early aroma of some whimsical flavored coffee – maybe snickerdoodle! Thanks!


    What a lot of love and hard work you have put into these. great little dresses and I am loving their stripey stockinged legs. Amazing job. well done you. k


    They are gorgeous, how can you bear to part with any of them? I think I would want to keep them all, just as they are! Does Amelia love her one? I’m sure she must do..


    THEY.ARE.GORGEOUS.I want them all!
    Seriously, they’re beautiful. Well done Claire.


    Very sweet Claire. I like the blue one. That’s it. That one is mine. The cat fight already started…hehe.I’m joking, hum,I’m not sure if I can get one on time. Best wishes, for the ones that will be lucky to have one of them :*)


    you have got to take a look at Wee Wonderfuls and see how she is handling an auction. It is fantastic!


    no, no, no! the blue one is mine!:)

    they are all v. cool miss looby.. I *do not know* where you find the time… I am trying to be much more productive this year but blimey, it’s hard to fit it all in! any hints?

    muchas gracias…
    em x


    I love ’em all but I especially like the two with the lion-like manes. They remind my of a plush lion I had when I was probably 4 or 5 years old (probably 1970?). My mom had purchased him from a thrift store as I recall. He had a similar type of mane..I named him ‘Kingy’ as in ‘king of the jungle’, I loved him. Upon returning home on day, we found that our puppy had ripped him to shreads. Poor Kingy! I’ve been looking for another Kingy ever since. This is the closest representation I’ve seen. 🙂


    Gosh, the cutest that I’ve seen for a while. I love your choice of fabrics! Can you please share where you found those woven labels for your kittens? All the ones I’ve seen are white with black lettering, those are so nice!


    Hi. I just stumbled across you blog via links- I love you kitty’s and I would like to carry them in my brick & mortar store opening this spring in Milwaukee, WI. drop a line pretty please!

    great beautiful lovely little kitty’s!


    That is such a great photo of your kitties – it looks like a big family shot, or a kitty version of Steel Magnolias. I would love one of those dresses in humanoid adult size.
    Akira’s garments are soo luscious! I wish I could see that exhibition.

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