In just over a month’s time we will be gaining possession of our new house. Unsurprisingly it still doesn’t feel particularly real, but there are things that need to be done before we move in – decisions which need to be made mostly in the area of colour and paint. While in theory I should find this very exciting, in reality it’s all quite overwhelming so it seems I have gone into denial and haven’t had one single idea about how I want anything to look.
Almost all of the house will have to be decked out in a kind of compromised style as Big-P and I have almost diametrically opposed senses of what looks like home. Big-P prefers neutral, serene rooms that bring a sense of peace and I have a passion for homes that are what the style-gurus would call eclectic but what I call messy and characterful. So somehow we are going to have to make that work. As neither of us are the kind of people who will bring in experts or do a complete home make-over, I can see that the “eclectic” style will win over, simply because we have a lot of junk and inherited furniture and that will get piled in with the promise that “one day” we will replace that “eclectic” couch/table/bookshelf with an Eames inspired couch/table/bookshelf.

However, I get to have final say on the studio. I want it to be a place full of creative inspiration. I want it to make me feel happy when I walk through its double doors.

Here’s the floor plan of the studio (measurements are in metres):

And here’s the photo taken from the real-estate brochure:

The plan is to take up the carpet and polish the boards which is pretty practical when I drop a gazillion threads on the floor every day that seem to end up getting matted into the carpet, and I will be printing, fabric dying and painting and so on in that space. Apparently there are good Tasmanian Oak (Victorian Ash) boards under the carpet which will look great when they are polished. This bit of the plan I am totally sure about, everything else is a little wishy-washy. The current colours and wallpaper features do not bring me any joy at all so that’s all going to go. What colour they will be replaced with remains a mystery to me. We are planning to build in some storage (bookshelves and supplies shelves, fabric shelves) either side of the fireplace (the big red bit in the photo) but from there I am pretty vague. We have talked about a big, high central work table and a couch for Big-P to sit on in the evenings on his lap-top. I am imagining a small space for my computer (how I would love to get rid of this enormous, ergonomic, ugly grey computer desk) and I know I want an inspiration / mood pin-board some where, probably on that wall that is the back of the fireplace. It’s all pretty exciting but after all these years of renting and the past two years of working in this tiny little office which I share with a huge amount of boxes and junk to suddenly be able to do exactly what I want I find that I am thrown into a complete stupor.

I am off to research home offices / studios (for instance Home Companion features Eric Carle’s studio). If anyone has any tips from their own experiences, or ideas for their own dream studio (cost effective obviously) please leave me a comment – cheers!