Lane Smith Interview

Just a short entry this evening. I really love the work of Lane Smith – he is one of my big influences. I remembered the other day that we have one of his prints in storage. I can’t wait to move and rediscover all our stuff. Anyway, I was so pleased to discover this interview on the apple site. Thank you Mati for pointing it out!

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    ooh ooh! i can combine two of your threads in one! i always wanted to make a quilt to look just like the checkered inside cover pages of “the happy hocky family” by lane smith. i think i will start with simple squares and circles first, though.


    Lane Smith! He is one my favorites. Once upon a time, I wrote him an fan letter. He actually wrote back, and drew a little doodle of the Stinky Cheese Man on the letter. How nice was that?


    I love Lane Smith too. I have an older ME Home companion that featured his house. Let me know if you want to see it and I will scrounge it up for you.


    Thanks for the post!
    Just the other day I was trying desperately to remember the name of the bookstore/art house you’d mentioned a couple (?) of years ago. Storyopolis it is. Thank you!

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