Stuff and nonsense

I didn’t write yesterday due to leaving it until the evening and then we watched Collateral after which I was way to stressed to write a blog entry. I was too busy sitting around saying “Ahhh! My head – it aches! Oh my back has seized up – why couldn’t that movie have ended a lot earlier to prevent this kind full-body melt-down?”. I didn’t like the movie. I don’t like Tom Cruise and I don’t like feeling more stressed than I already have to be for two hours in the name of entertainment. I was the odd-one-out with everyone else in the room saying “What a brilliant movie!” as the credits rolled. Anyway, after watching that movie I had to have a cup of camomile tea and go to bed with a hot-water bottle on my neck. There was just not time for blogging.
Yesterday I received my Japanese Doll making book (below left) and although it is full of fabulous dolls to make, it really is more complicated than the usual Japanese Craft books that come through ebay and I am not sure if I am going to be able to work out which pattern pieces go with which project.

I also received an unexpected gift from Jenny who sent me a copy of The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright. I have been curious about this book for so long – and I don’t have your email address so thank you Jenny! Also I stumbled upon a copy of Classic Knits for Boy Dolls yesterday and after having regretted not picking it up the first time I saw it last year, I grabbed it. also look forward to some time getting a hold of Classic Knits for Girl Dolls.

**update – I just had to include a link to one of the photos from my new Classic Knits for Scary-ass Boy Dolls**

All of these books have complimented quite the stash of doll clothes books I borrowed last week from the local library – which is all in preparation for Alice for this month’s Month of Softies and some other little well dressed critters down the track. The photo below is of a couple of things I found at Winterwood last Thursday (catalogue not currently available). The fleece is really meant for felting but I thought it might make some interesting doll hair. The pieces of felt are 100% wool felt and hand dyed. Lovely stuff and came in the most beautiful colours but is not terribly cheap. I still have grand plans to do my own felt dying when we move house and perhaps even sell on some pieces through Loobylu if anyone is interested.

I am off to see Closer with Dr M tonight and hope it won’t be a movie which made me wish I brought along my hot-water bottle and thermos of camomile tea.