All in the family

Well, it’s obvious that Ward is incredibly talented — but now we also get to enjoy “Ava Thursday”. Every Thursday Ward is publishing some of his 4 1/2 year old daughter Ava’s beautiful work on his world famous blog. I loved last week’s portrait of Ward and this week she has a guy on a many-legged thing. Perhaps I should start “Amelia’s Playdough Tuesday” where I will share great playdough creations such as last Tuesday’s Roz. Unfortunately Roz was a bit of a rare event. Usually she just squishes playdough between her fingers or through the garlic press and says “SMOOOOSH”.
Speaking of incredibly talented and gorgeous family members, Big-P has created a useful little Firefox browser extension for Flickr… flickrfox! I love it. It serves up your chosen photo streams right into your current browser in a sidebar. If you use Firefox and Flickr, it’s worth checking out.