Keeping on moving

Today was flat-chat with play dates. A playcentre was loads of fun this morning until the big rough boys (who were surely over five) moved in and wrestled their way around the room, and then this afternoon was an adventure in the good and bad things about pet dogs at a friend’s place. Firstly there was a friendly cute little dog who wanted to play but then who started barking NON stop and then ate sand out of the sandpit and vomited, ate it (which fascinated the girls who could not be dragged away) and then pooped right at the bottom of the slippery-dip steps so both little girls trod in it and then slid through it down the slide. After such a wild and crazy day, Amelia did her tired sobbing thing all through dinner and all the way up until bedtime, but somehow all of this didn’t make me quite so desperate as it usually does. Perhaps getting to bed before 11 the night before is the key.
I am still fantasising about quilts, still sewing cat dresses, planning fabric forays into the suburbs and booking up all my non-work days so that we don’t have a lot of time to sit around feeling bored and restless.

A couple of things from yesterday’s quilting comments (thanks for all the tips!): Betty asked if I could list the shops which ship fabric internationally – apart from the ones recommended in yesterday’s comments, I have been following the links on Amy Butler’s Retailer Resource page. (A note though, Reprodepot Fabrics actually do now ship internationally too). Dallas asked me what are some of the blogs that have inspired my quilting thing — It was Hilary’s gorgeous Racetrack quilt that tipped me over yesterday but also Brandy’s prolificacy and fun style that has made me start to relax about the whole mystery of quilting. Of course I can’t stop here without mentioning the amazing work that Denyse Schmidt does which makes me melt – this is one of my favourite quilts ever. I have also been recently inspired by these two quilts (1 and 2) in Amy Butler fabrics but I am not sure I want to make anything quite this intensely busy, as beautiful as they are. Also, thank you to Bella who recommended this site. While the colours used are not necessarily my thing, I love some of the haphazard shapes in the patterns. This pattern is fun, and I do have a thing for houses – but then I really do love the traditional quilts too. In the most recent Inside Out magazine (March/April 2005) I found a very simple quilt that really appeals to me.