Monster heads and patchwork quilts

This afternoon Amelia made a playdough “Roz” – her favourite monster from Monsters Inc.

As you can see, she looks pretty scary – kind of like an alien head. Mum and Dad have just set off for a walk with Amelia in the pram who insisted on taking Roz with her in an old ice-cream bucket so that Roz wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun. Do you think she is possibly crying out for a sibling?

I am so inspired by all the quilts that are popping up on fellow craft blogger’s sites. SO inspired. One of my new year’s challenges was to make a quilt for Amelia this year and I have been looking at a couple of fabric sites online that will ship internationally. I have no idea how to even start really – I guess it’s a matter of working out the colour scheme, working out a design and then collecting the fabrics before starting. Right? Maybe I will just spend the first six months collecting fabrics. That bit I can do.