Roll on

My show has been put off until June which is such a huge relief. The date planned for March was going to coincide with house settlement date and painting and floorboard polishing and moving stuff and it was all beginning to frazzle me a little. I am pleased that there are another four months now because I want to make a bunch of toys which I hope to hang in the windows.
I love mail day! Thank you Heidi for a big fat package full of wool felt. You made my Friday which was otherwise long and tiresome. Here’s a photo taken in the near dark of Mum’s kitchen. This is a lovely house but as far as natural light goes it rates a big 0.

As the first submission to February’s A Month of Softies arrived in my inbox yesterday I was still sewing cat clothes and vaguely thinking about whether I would do an Alice doll, a white rabbit or a Mock Turtle. Perhaps I will try all three. Onwards, ever onwards!