New project for in the ad breaks

There’s been a bit of good TV on in the last week so I took the opportunity to sit on the couch and try out an old dolls’ dress knitting pattern that Van gave me while packing up her house to leave for Brisbane. I used some old wool that was lying around just to experiment with, and as you can see there’s plenty of counting and increasing and decreasing to be had so it’s not the best TV watching companion but I am enjoying it none-the-less. I went out today to visit the temple of colour (Sunspun) and bought some Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed to do the next one in. The pattern is to fit a 14 inch doll with a 7 and a half inch chest but the idea is that once I have finished the dress I am going to design a doll who can wear it. I love knitting doll’s garments. A very easy thing to knit for someone with an incredibly short attention span and a very, very slow knitting style.