January's Kitten

Here is my contribution to January’s A Month of Softies.

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  1. katy@sushipop.net

    so beautiful! the detailing on her dress is gorgeous.
    i look forward to your kitty ebay auctions. these beauties must be shared with the world 🙂

  2. mistic_ann@yahoo.com

    Fantastic Kitty!…again, sweet memories comes to my mind.BTW, where do you find or buy vintage textiles? If there another place to buy them besides ebay, please let me know :)Thanks!

  3. smarkh01@hotmail.com

    Very nice! I like all of the detail you’ve put into it

  4. amy@9moonsago.com

    Awww..she’s cute! la la la!”ditto” to the other comments.

    I’m going to email you mine tonight, but it may be partially done, if that’s ok? I’d rather send a partially finished than none at all. (I’ve just started a new job.) I’ll see if I can finish it though..

  5. rhya@primus.ca

    clairethat is so fantastic. i love the embroidery, it is really beautiful. i sent in a softie, i am not sure if you got it?
    anyhoo…loving the month of softies.

  6. anja@anjaskoglund.com

    She’s gorgeous and the dress is lovely! Please show us all the other ones when they’re done!

  7. monica@greenfairy.com.au

    Oh she is just beautiful, with her little cord dress and stripy stockings! She looks as if she has stepped straight out of a children’s book illustration. 🙂

  8. amy@9moonsago.com

    Umm..on second thought… I think I bit off more than I could chew. It’s been a long day, and I’ve a lot of things on my plate at the moment. I don’t need it to be posted in the collection; but when it’s finished, I’ll send it to you just the same.
    Can’t wait to see everyone else’s tho’!! Gonna be rockin!!
    Cat Walkin’ Rockin!

  9. k8epat@gmail.com

    I really like the detail you’ve put into her clothes and features–makes it really special. She certainly has your own look about her.

  10. dianne@rigdonia.com

    Oh I am just loving all of the softies! Makes me want to whip out a stitch or two!

  11. salways442@aol.com

    just discovered your website – just fab. But what did you make the nose from? Perhaps I coudl then try and make one myself!

  12. abartlett@colonialfirststate.com.au

    Meow! She is soooo kittylicious

  13. lisa@shaff.com

    I agree with everyone else, the dress and the leggings really make this cat a standout success.

  14. kitschenette@yahoo.com.au

    i LOVE kitty’s dress. i wihs i could make one like that for lola. btw, i just checked out yr flickr photos, and i have to say yr daughter is one totally gorgeous little girl. those eyelashes!!!!

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