Aqua antics

The tennis final is on tonight so what on earth am I doing here blogging? Who thought updating every single day of the year was a good idea?
So in brief: Sunday – lovely empty day. Apart from 11 cat dresses that needed sewing we had no obligations so we decided to take a quick early morning dash into the Aquarium which is hugely expensive and largely unimpressive. Amelia managed to find Nemo which was extremely exciting. I took some photos of her finding him, but I am exceeding my bandwidth at the moment and it’s all getting very expensive, so you can find them at flickr.

After lunch I started sewing and have finished one cat which is my official A Month of Softies submission. I can see that I may spend quite a lot of time over the next week finishing all their outfits. I am still not completely sure what I am going to be doing with them because I have a couple of different options, but it is highly likely that I will be auctioning a couple on Ebay in the next couple of weeks.