Cat Factory 11.36am

I have spent a lot of time this morning mixing and matching fabrics to try and work out how to dress all 11 of my cats. I am not actually sure how they suddenly became 11 – I thought I was only working on 10 and instead 11 have come to the party, and I have already given one away to Christina – so my cats seem to be multiplying. To stop the shenanigans I have put them into their own individual hermetically sealed (kinda) plastic bags. Now they look a bit freaky.

Big-P checked the mail box on the way to the restaurant last night and found two great parcels. One from an earlier ebay craft book splurge, and one was some fabric from Laura who makes great bags. I am not sure if you can see the detail in the one on the left but it’s kimono fabric (I would guess) that has tiny little rabbits on it. Very cute. It will be perfect for next month’s Month of Softies… oooh what can that theme be?? Stay tuned!

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    Oh, Claire! I having been lurking on your site for what must be a least four or five years and your adorable cats have brought me out of hiding. My daughter and I just love them and are hoping that you will sell a pattern for them?!?


    Ok, now I am terribly excited about next month’s softie project..since it will be my first! And if that fabric is any clue I am thrilled! I have already been inspired by the book you are buying and very envious. Oh, I am not suppose to be envious am I? Well I am! 🙂


    Please can I buy a Kitty, pretty please*You are selling them Clare, right?
    Me please*


    Yes! I must have a softie kittie! Please let me know how to get one!


    “To stop the shenanigans…” That made me giggle so much.Cute bunny fabric!
    Wonderful cats, *as per usual*, from you Claire!

    Laura, the bags are just devine! And saucy! Good on’ya!


    2 summers ago, I bought my favorite skirt of all times in a tiny store in vermont: it’s a 50s cut poodle skirt made out of that exact fabric on the left! it even has a cute dog embroidered on it with a tail made of vintage pearls. I LOOOOVE that fabric, and I love my skirt!
    and the cat shenanigans are too funny!


    I love all those little cats, especially now they are safely tucked up in their baggies. Too too cute. I can’t wait to see what Feb’s Month of Softies is going to be all about.


    cats have a habit of multipying prolificly . Is it art imitating life?


    Beautiful…tastefulhehe made me want to eat them, like lollypops!Claire, I have been wondering about that sort of vintage fabric you use, if is possible could you tell me where to buy it? any link will be helpful, thank you. Seriously. CELESTIAL JOB!


    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I’ve found the cutest little stuffed creatures on On the front page there’s pictures from 2 plush convention-type gatherings. Thought you’d might enjoy them!

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