Happy Bunny

Tonight we are going to go out and drink beer and play bingo. This is possibly one of the most exciting evenings of the year so far, apart from going out to see the Incredibles a few weeks ago. Amelia is going to be put to bed by Nan-nan and we are (I will say it again) going to go out and drink beer and play bingo!
It will be so very nice to sit in a pub on a steaming hot evening and partake in these activities with some of our favourite people. Today I am sitting in a very warm study photoshop wrangling (and I say wrangling because when you are working with files that are 3000 mb in size there is really no other word for it) and getting really annoyed and things are corrupting and crashing and I am so very, very grumpy.

I have discovered the Dawn and Drew show and listening to them while I wrangle makes it a little better.

While I was waiting for a file to reveal to me whether it was indeed corrupt or not, I started to tackle the huge amounts of unanswered email in my inbox but I realised I was being so snappy in my replies that I thought I had better hold off until cooler weather. I am sorry if I owe you one. I am also sorry if you received an email from me today and it was snappy. Here’s a little animal to make up for it: