Kunstformen der Natur

It’s late and I need to go to bed otherwise tomorrow will be a write-off, but I didn’t want to break my fabulous run of blogging everyday which has been going so well. Mum has just started using the internet today (she learnt the difference between right click and left click and is now on a roll and reading all my archives) so I thought I would leave a link for her to enjoy because I know she will…Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur 1899-1904

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  1. ballie772004@yahoo.com

    I am writing this, when I should be writing something else. Just to let you know what a beautiful site you have, and how much I enjoy it! So good to see a beautiful Australian site, rather than an American one. Am over in Perth, and read you every day.Love hearing about your Shane Warne loving toddler!
    Thanks for posting every day!

  2. sister_know@yahoo.com

    I feel like I have a lot in common with your mum today. I simply adore those Ernst Haeckel paintings and plan on having some framed. I have also been going through your blog’s archives (as well as reading your daily posts since early January). and enjoying it all so much.
    I just found your site and am so happy to have done so. I made a bit of a resolution to do more art… and be more creative this year (and not be such a lazy lout). I have to say that your site has truly brought out a firestorm of inspiration. Just wanted to send a big thank you for all that you do!

    p.s. I’m happily working on my first submission to “A Month of Softies” as well. Stay tuned!

  3. amy@9moonsago.com

    Yay for you. I’ve been really proud of you for keeping up with it actually. And very good that you did something short and sweet tonight. (I’ve much to learn from you.)
    I taught my Mom the same things..yay for both of you. Remember to be patient with each other..he he.

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