Cat Factory 6.35pm

I am into the home stretch with my little cat production project. Working on ten of them at once (in different colours and fabrics) has been a complete joy. Next up are Easter Bunny/Bilby creatures ready for Easter gifts for non-chocolate eating children (and adults).

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    oh my…oh joy…they are toooooo dang cute! Ugh…I ripped mine out…I think I will take out the sewing machine this weekend….ahhh….so cute inspiration…thanks!


    I love those! They are so cute. Unfortunately I am not talented enough to be able to sew something like that; I am in awe of your ability to design, draw and create.


    Oh…wow…sweet, lovely cats I’m seeing so far. They remine me of Rageddy Ann and Andy. Sweet memories…Claire.I love your work…
    You are such an inspiration. Though I don’t comment often, I check your blog constantly.When things like that suprised me, I just can’t hold to say something.


    would you be willing to sell one? my little 3 year old would so cherish such a little cutie!!


    Hello Claire, they are so wonderfull. Would you sell me the cute pink girl cat on the right top of the picture ??


    purrr…purrr… do I see a whole kitty dress made of that precious Liberty lawn? meee yooww!!!

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