softie update

I have just done a final update to December’s Month of Softies gallery. A couple came in a few days after the deadline (and one I missed all together – sorry Gillian!) and it has taken me all this time to get them up.

Submissions for January’s Month of Softies have started to trickle in and it’s a joy to open my emails and find photos of funny little cats. My cat is well and truly finished but I am currently working on 10 (count ’em) more in a production line kind of way. I have cut all the pieces out and have appliqued and embroidered 10 little faces and each one has already got a personality of its own. All the bits are sorted carefully into plastic zip lock bags – one per cat (thanks Christina for that idea) and stacked very neatly ready to be sewn together. I am off to Spotlight tomorrow to buy more tiny fuzzy pom-poms to sew on for noses. It’s a good thing that the illustration files I am working on at the moment are absolutely massive. While I sit back and wait for them to save or even for one small change to be processed, I get to stitch tiny mouths and funny eyes. I am the queen of multi-tasking.

By the way… this blog has been recently added to my favourites: Rock, Paper, Scissors – The other side of the Drafting Table. Lovely stuff.