Telly bad – mumum bad

Special-K just left, waving good-bye to me from behind a enormous spider-web hanging across the drive way which was still being spun by a lumpy little spider as we watched, bobbing about in the cool breeze. It was quite beautiful and will no doubt be gone by the morning.
I was a bad mum today and spent a lot of time working on some illustrations while Amelia watched Maisy. She loves Maisy, and the Hooley Dooleys, and Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo… I have been a bad, bad mum who every day has the intention to not let her watch more than half and hour of television, but then things come up and then other things come up and suddenly two hours have passed and I tear into the lounge in a panic and switch it off in favour of some crazy-annoying music about camels with five humps or songs with lyrics that go like “Yes I’m a slug, ooh YUCK, and I’m slimy, I’m a slug, ooh Yuck and I’m gooey”. You see, finally I am over the illustrator’s block that I was suffering from and I have finished three main pieces in two days and I just couldn’t let it rest while it all seemed to be coming together. I am sure Amelia doesn’t mind in the slightest. We were all around and she was totally entertained, but it was sunny and mild outside and we could have been doing so many things.

So now instead of worrying too much I will link you to a fabulous photo of another child whose mother manages to get work done while he enjoys his favourite show.