Berlin street art – thanks Meg!

Imagine riding your bike around Berlin in a vaguely lost manner and coming across this:

Which is exactly what Princess Meg did (she of great cookie fame)- and was kind enough to think of me and send me these photos of such wonderfulness draped around the street. Here is a close up:

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    Hey, that’s a labour of love! Love the tree.
    And I love the cooking site! Look out, I am going to submit something -sans illustration I am afraid.


    makes me proud to be of mostly german descent. (along with run lola run & various other things which do not involve a certain mr. hasselhoff)
    -beautiful, creative, clever, unexpected, sweet, punk.
    gotta love it!


    I thought the same thing Marrije, the most perfect kind of guerilla art, that takes something ugly and banal and makes it lovely. This is quite inventive!


    Hi. I love your blog. Do you by chance make little girls party invitations or cards? My little girl’s 1st b-day is coming up and I love the look of your characters.Thanks.


    For some reason that reminds me of shoe trees. There are so many shoe trees in Boston – I love spotting new ones around the city.
    I sent that to my friend who knits (alas, I am not one of the lucky knitting breed. I tried. I really did, but I ended up making this wonky scarf that was so misshapen that I even felt bad wearing it.)…so back to the friend who knits, she thought it was just awesome. So thanks for sharing, Claire 🙂


    must comment on the fabulous knitted street art…everything about it is perfect, but I find the leaves particularly intriguing. Thank you for sharing this.


    That’s just lovely! It reminds me of the lamp posts on our Main Street at Christmas Time. We have a very artsy sort of town and the establishments hire local artists to decorate the lamp posts with elaborate homemade ornaments and things. The pet shop’s lamp post looked like a Christmas Tree, except it was made with leashes and balls and doggie treats. =)


    i have a hunch that the knitted tree is made by a toronto artist, germaine koh, who i think relocated to berlin for a while. she does a lot of knitting related art, including installations where people basically watch her knit!

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