sizzle sizzle

A soul soothing day. I sat under a lemon tree with two of my oldest and dearest friends while the kids paddled in the wading pool and drove plastic cars around the yard. Special-k drove all the way over from East Melbourne to pick us up. She can’t know how much that meant to me today when I was still in what I will call my Munch mood. I came home feeling a whole lot better.

Special-K works for Oxfam and I have to say that I am hugely impressed by the stories of the work that she and her organisation are doing. They are putting in the longest imaginable hours and are really getting aid organised and out there. I highly encourage you to donate what you can to Oxfam and the other aid organisations who are pulling out the stops in their Tsunami emergency efforts.

And on the home front: Big-P and I have decided to join the ACMI so that we can borrow from the lending collection. I stumbled upon this in the phone book while looking up video stores that might stock obscure and ancient titles. Upon hearing that you could get the movies couriered to your local library (thanks mcb!) I was all the more keen to join. Their collection seems immense and it seems that it will be the answer to finding the more difficult to locate movies from our 100 Best list.

And finally – I have discovered that cooking steak sandwiches (recipe can be found in yesterday’s Sunday Life magazine) with no exhaust fan working in the kitchen on a 30∞c+ day is a really bad idea. It was tasty but by the time they were ready I was way too hot and smoked out to enjoy it. Lovely simple tip though – 2 red onions cut into thin wedges fried in olive oil and butter until soft – add tablespoon of brown sugar and tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and serve with steak. Tasty.