Today I have already maxed out on caffeine and it’s only two thirty. I am craving warm comfy stuff still thanks to the cold from HELL which will not move on to the next unsuspecting soul and leave me alone. I am grumpy and gloomy and can barely get it together to have a conversation and wish I could possibly do what Munch did – live in complete isolation with only his artist models for company. I am turning into a weird cat lady – and not a weird cat lady who has real cats – I am turning into an even weirder cat lady who makes cats out of fabric and gives them names and dresses them in little vintage style dresses. Luckily I have so far avoided collecting old newspapers and cans but I don’t think it’s too far away. Instead I am collecting copious amounts of old buttons and huge towering plastic boxes of fabric which are really quite teeteringly dangerous. Oh gawd. I am too grumpy to blog. I’ll be back tomorrow.