I have a sore neck from staying up late stitching up a little kitten. The poor wee thing suffers from the usual problem I have which is to sew on arms which are way too long, but she doesn’t look too shabby really – definitely one of my favourite patterns I have developed so far and one which I will finally repeat. I will cut out the next one while watching The Bourne Supremacy tonight.
Because I slept through Amelia’s nap time and we have the movie to watch tonight, I have decided that this needs to be a very brief update while Big-P gives Amelia her bath. I will pad it out with a few choice links.

I &#9829 flickr while not news to anyone, I wanted to mention that Big-P and I both decided to upgrade to pro accounts and will be posting photographs with great regularity. Flickr is so great!

Pictoplasma (via Tania) contemporary character design and art. Great links and photographs and so on from a conference that took place in Berlin last October which featured such wonderful character creators as Gary Baseman, Friends with You, madreal and Rinzen. Who else would love to attend in 2006?!

ps. The Village Voice list of 100 Best Movies of the 20th C seems to have been removed. However, it can still be found here.