Playground Finder

Something that I have been meaning to find time to blog about for ages is the wonderful site set up by our good friends Ben and Suzette over at Playground Finder. You may have noticed that loobylu has been sporting a button down in the left hand corner since late last year but I have been wanting to write a long entry about my life-long love/hate relationship with playgrounds but it hasn’t come together so instead I will just RAVE about Playground Finder. I have just been having a fresh look this morning and every time I come back to it I am always so impressed with how easy it is to use and how packed with information it already is. SO if you have kids and live in Australia I urge you to run (not walk – run!) over to Playground Finder and have a dig around. I also urge you to get out there and discover new playgrounds and then submit reviews to PGF to help make a superbly comprehensive list of playgrounds. Yey Suzette and Ben!